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Franklin Sports Grow-with-Me Kids Baseball Batting Tee + Stand Set for Youth + Toddlers – Youth Baseball, Softball + Teeball Hitting Tee Set for Boys + Girls

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Price: $39.99 - $24.99
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The Franklin Sports Self-Stick Baseballs were designed for little athletes to make learning fun! Each self-stick baseball pairs perfectly with the Franklin Sports 2-in-1 Grow-with-Me Batting Tee, which uses self-stick technology to hang the ball off of the tee as well as store the balls on the vertical tee post! Offered in a bright white color, the balls are vibrant enough so kids can easily hit each ball with ease, promoting hand-eye coordination at a young age! Perfect for ages 3+, your future major leaguers will immediately start to learn the fundamentals of baseball. The set includes 4 self-stick covered baseballs to get the game started!. The Franklin Future Champs MLB 2-in-1 Grow-with-Me Baseball Tee is designed for first-time athletes learning to play teeball or baseball. The set is engineered to offer a 2-step process to truly train as you grow. Kids start with the beginner Hanging Baseball Tee, and eventually work their way up to the Traditional Baseball Tee Trainer. The Hanging Ball Tee suspends the ball 18″ to 26″ from the ground for smaller, first-time players. Simply attach the baseball to end of the hanging arm using self-stick technology and swing away! The hanging design is perfect for teaching young players how to swing while improving hand eye coordination! Once younger players gain confidence and start to grow, the hanging arm can be removed and replaced with the traditional ball tee topper in seconds. The traditional style tee adjusts from 25″ to 36″ so young players can continue to practice as they grow! The set comes with (1) 21″ plastic bat and (4) baseballs with self-stick covers so you have everything you need to get the game started. Start helping your young slugger learn the game today with the MLB Grow-with-Me Batting Tee!.
GROW WITH ME: This batting tee is specifically designed to adjust and teach young teeball players how to practice their hitting as they continue to grow and improve!
HANGING TEE: For your youngest players, the hanging tee design suspends a ball anywhere from 18″ to 26″ from the ground using self stick technology so that young hitters can practice their hand eye coordination!
TRADITIONAL TEE: Once players start to grow and improve, remove the hanging attachment to transform it into a traditional batting tee in seconds! The traditional tee adjusts from 25″ to 36″ in height
ALL INCLUDED: This set comes complete with the Grow-with-Me Batting Tee, (1) 21 inch plastic bat, and (4) baseballs with self-stick covers, providing you with everything you need to play!
SIZE: Assembles to 25.5″ x 25.5″ x 45.5″; ages 3+; Hanging Tee Height Adjustments: 18″ to 26″ ; Traditional Tee Height Adjustments: 25″ – 36″


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