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Dark Souls III 3 The Fire Fades Edition PS4 Complete Brand New


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Price: $39.99
(as of May 14, 2024 10:32:20 UTC – Details)

FromSoftware’s critically acclaimed action RPG series returns with a new focus on faster-paced combat and a new world to explore in Dark Souls III. This Fire Fades Edition includes the full original game as well as the Ashes of Ariandel and the Ringed City expansions, which combine to offer three new locations, six new bosses, and more than 40 new weapons, shields, and spells.

As in previous entries in the series, the game offers a vague storyline, a healthy dose of challenge, and a lot of death as players make their way through a dark, foreboding world filled with twisted monsters. Gamers can customize their character from ten different classes, find or purchase a variety of weapons, shields, and magic spells to fend off foes, and collect souls to acquire new items or level up ten different attributes.

The Kingdom of Lothric contains fewer unique environments than Dark Souls II’s Drangleic, but the levels are designed to be larger and more interconnected, with challenging boss battles spilling players out at life-giving bonfires they visited hours or days before. Gamers once again have an Estus Flask to restore a limited amount of health, but Dark Souls III also marks the return of the magic meter from Demon’s Souls, with players consuming as Ash Estus Flask to restore their magic. The series’ distinct multiplayer mode returns as well, with blood stains and scrawled messages on the ground providing warnings to fellow users, and players wreaking havoc on one another through game invasions.
Game Name : Dark Souls III, Dark Souls III: the Fire Fades Edition
Platform : Sony PlayStation 4


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