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CMYK Wavelength: The Party Game Show in a Box

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Product Description

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A game of deep thoughts and high fives

Wavelength example 1Wavelength example 1

Wavelength example 2Wavelength example 2

Wavelength example 3Wavelength example 3

On a spectrum from HOT to COLD, your teammate gives the clue “Coffee”

They’re trying to get you to guess where a target is secretly located under that blue screen.

Your team turns this red dial to where you think coffee is located

So on the far left would be the hottest thing imaginable. And on the far right, the coldest.

Once you’ve locked in your guess, the target is revealed!

The closer to the center of the target, the more points your team scores!

Wavelength quotesWavelength quotes

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4.8 out of 5 stars

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$31.49$31.49 $24.99$24.99 $14.89$14.89

Party game

14+ 17+ 6+ 10+

2-12+ 4-16+ 2-4+ 2-4

30-45m 30-45m 10m 60m

Hot or cold. Soft or hard. Wizard or…not a wizard? Work together to decide where your clue falls on the spectrum in this telepathic party game.
POLYGON: “One of the best party games we’ve ever played.”
NYT WIRECUTTER: Featured in “The best board games”
Works in groups from 2-12+ people. Great for large parties, offsites, family gatherings, and anywhere you need instant fun.
5 seconds to set up, 1 minute to learn, 30 minutes to play


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